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Sustainably Speaking — Sustainability Program – Pointless Paperwork or Production and Marketing Tool?
The Almond Board of California Sustainability Program is gathering steam as a blitz of workshops in June and July added valuable data to bolster California Almonds’ standing in the eyes of buyers and sharpened growers’ understanding of how the program works and what constitutes a sustainable practice.

Growers are learning that attending the workshop and filling out the self-assessment forms is not just more “pointless paperwork,” but an opportunity to learn about their own operations as well as their neighbors, and to document their sustainable practices.

After attending a workshop, farm manager and PCA Nick Gatzman, with Travaille and Phippen, Manteca, reported that the program was valuable both as evidence of wise use of resources as well as a marketing tool.

“The Sustainability Program gives us the ability to look at our own operations, compare them with others in the area, and understand that we can document this and take it to regulators and consumers to show that we’re doing a good job of being sustainable,” he says. “More and more, at our handling operations, we’re getting questions from customers wanting to know what our sustainable practices are,” he adds. “This is making a difference in their buying decisions.”

Grower and PCA Art Bowman, Modesto area, attended the sustainability workshop held the day before the annual conference last December. “The workshop provides a sharing of information on our operations with others,” he says. Documenting practices “shows we’re all working together to be more efficient with our resources.”

For more information on the California Almond Sustainability Program, email

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