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Sacramento Bound−The Almond Conference 2012

Greetings from the Industry Services Committee.

As you know by now, the 40th annual Almond Conference is moving to the Sacramento Convention Center for 2012. The conference is being expanded to three days, and has much more room for exhibitors and attendees alike. In the past few years, we have outgrown Modesto Centre Plaza and have had to turn away exhibitors and participants.

Your Almond Board staff works hard practically year-round organizing the conference. From the exhibitors to the speakers to the catering arrangements, organizing the conference is hard work. This year is no exception, and in fact may be more of a challenge than ever since it is no longer "at home."

Also, it’s worth noting that this conference is nearly 100% self-sustaining, for which we have our sponsors and exhibitors to thank. No grower assessment money is used to stage this conference. Please make sure to visit the exhibitors during the conference and thank the sponsors.

One of my fondest conference memories is of keynote speaker and NASA astronaut Sally Ride. Dr. Ride showed photos she took from the space shuttle in 1983, and talked about her experiences. Sadly, Dr. Ride passed away in July.

Make sure to read the September/October print edition of California Almonds Outlook and next month's electronic version for what to see and do in Sacramento and at the conference. We hope you recognize the value of this annual event to your continuing success in the California Almond industry and make plans to attend.

Van Soetaert, Chair
Industry Services Committee

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