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Past Issues

The Almond Conference
(Issue: July 2014)
General attendee registration opens online today, July 1, for the Greatest Almond Show on Earth — The Almond Conference.
(Issue: May 2014)
Along with the success of the California Almond industry, The Almond Conference is growing, too. Records are broken each year for grower attendance and exhibitors at the concurrent trade show, this year to be held Dec. 9–11 in Sacramento.
(Issue: May 2014)
Hotel rooms are now available for the 42nd annual Almond Conference, Dec. 9–11 in Sacramento. The single or double rooms can be reserved at the special Conference rate of $129 plus tax.
(Issue: December 2013)
A quick survey of attendees reveals a general opinion that the 41st Annual Almond Conference Dec. 3–5 was the best ever!
(Issue: December 2013)
No worries, we have you covered! Simply show up on site at the Sacramento Convention Center and walk up to the third floor to complete the registration form at the Onsite Registration kiosks.
(Issue: December 2013)
Many thanks to these sponsors for their support and generous contributions, which greatly enhance the experience for all attendees at The Almond Conference.
(Issue: December 2013)
The Almond Board has identified the top Almond Leadership project from the program’s class of 2013.
(Issue: November 2013)
Almond Board’s Kendall Barton talks about items available at the Silent Auction to be held during The Almond Conference, Dec. 4 and 5.
(Issue: November 2013)
Online registration for the 41st annual Almond Conference, Dec 3–5 in Sacramento, is available only until Nov. 27.
(Issue: November 2013)
What’s handier than a pickup (and easier to handle than a horse) for getting around the orchard for everything from scouting, sampling and soil moisture monitoring to spraying for weeds?
(Issue: November 2013)
Need a few extra continuing education hours for your license or permit?
(Issue: November 2013)
One of the strongest features of our industry is the legacy of research that we have created. The research programs funded by the Almond Board have improved productivity in the orchard while helping California Almond growers use resources more efficiently and minimize environmental impacts.
(Issue: November 2013)
Addressing issues of high importance to the California Almond industry, symposium panels will highlight sustainability, pest management, field quality issues, and honey bees and pollination during The Almond Conference, to be held Dec. 3–5 in Sacramento.
(Issue: October 2013)
This year’s Almond Conference, to be held Dec. 3–5 in Sacramento, will offer an array of opportunities for growers and processors to interact with researchers on important industry-funded research, as well as ever-changing production and regulatory issues.
(Issue: October 2013)
The Almond Conference will be held Dec. 3–5 at the Sacramento Convention Center. The full conference program is now available online.
(Issue: October 2013)
Last year the Almond Board raised $6,000 for California FFA scholarships. How did we do it? Through the help of California Almond industry members like you.
(Issue: September 2013)
The Almond Conference offers growers and allied industry members a unique opportunity to visit the country's only trade show dedicated to the business of almonds.
(Issue: September 2013)
The Gala Dinner entertainment for The Almond Conference has been unveiled!
(Issue: August 2013)
Registration for The Almond Conference, Dec. 3–5, is now available online at
(Issue: July 2013)
Only one month after trade show booth space became available for the 41st annual Almond Conference, to be held Dec. 3–5, more than two-thirds of the spaces have already been reserved by exhibitors with products and services of special interest to California Almond growers and handlers.
(Issue: July 2013)
As we put the 2012/2013 crop year in the rear-view mirror, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved for making The 2012 Almond Conference such a success.
(Issue: July 2013)
Each year, the Almond Conference planning team raises the bar to ensure that The Almond Conference is better than ever.
(Issue: June 2013)
December 3–5, 2013, marks the 41st annual Almond Conference at the Sacramento Convention Center. With a newly revised agenda format, there’s more to do than ever!
(Issue: February 2013)
If success can be measured in numbers, the 40th annual Almond Conference was a triumph. From the total attendance to trade show booths in the exhibit hall, records fell by the wayside at every turn.
(Issue: February 2013)

So, we made the big move — to Sacramento — and we were pleased. Thanks to everyone who wound their way to the Capital City for the 40th annual Almond Conference, held last December at the Sacramento Convention Center.

(Issue: January 2013)
Joe MacIlvaine, president of Paramount Farming Company, was honored for his lifetime of work on behalf of the California Almond industry at The Almond Conference Gala Dinner, held Dec. 13 in Sacramento.
(Issue: January 2013)
With sparkle and verve, vocal artist Louisa Waycott and Las Vegas act Penn & Teller led the evening’s entertainment at the Gala Dinner, which marked the close of the 40th annual Almond Conference in December.
(Issue: December 2012)
No worries, we have you covered! Simply show up at the Sacramento Convention Center, and complete the on-site registration form.
(Issue: December 2012)
The holiday season is almost here — have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? If your answer is “no,” don’t panic.
(Issue: December 2012)
An abundance of parking spaces in six lots/garages surrounds the Sacramento Convention Center, site of the 40th annual Almond Conference, Dec. 11–13.
(Issue: November 2012)
Veterans of The Almond Conference in previous years may remember that a highlight of the Conference was the six-minute updates on Almond Board–funded research presented by the researchers themselves.
(Issue: November 2012)
Each year at The Almond Conference, growers have the unique opportunity to meet each researcher and discuss further their ABC-funded research projects.
(Issue: November 2012)
This year’s Almond Conference in December will offer expanded opportunities for growers and processors to interact with researchers on important industry-funded projects and attend hands-on workshops throughout the three-day annual event.
(Issue: November 2012)
From alternate energy solutions to orchard equipment, there is more of everything at the trade show that runs concurrently with The Almond Conference.
(Issue: November 2012)
Certified crop consultants, pest control advisers and qualified applicators: Time will soon be running out to earn CEUs in 2012 to meet licensing requirements.
(Issue: November 2012)
As with any business venture, there are associated risks and costs to growing California Almonds.
(Issue: October 2012)
Sacramento, this year’s venue for The Almond Conference, has much to offer during and after conference hours Dec. 11–13.
(Issue: October 2012)
Penn & Teller have appeared in just about every medium — Stage shows in Las Vegas and Broadway, TV, movies, even as characters in videogames. The only venue missing is The Almond Board Gala Dinner.
(Issue: September 2012)
Greetings from the Industry Services Committee. As you know by now, the 40th annual Almond Conference is moving to the Sacramento Convention Center for 2012.
(Issue: June 2012)
When it comes to The 2012 Almond Conference, moving to Sacramento means more room and more opportunities to learn about things important to the California Almond industry.
(Issue: May 2012)
You may not learn how to reach an 8,000-pound-per-acre yield goal at The Almond Conference in December, but you will come away with fresh ideas on growing a bigger, better crop in an environmentally responsible manner.
(Issue: March 2012)
California Almond growers and processors come to The Almond Conference for different reasons. Make sure to weigh in on what you'd like to see.
(Issue: January 2012)
In December 2012, The Almond Conference is pulling up its tent stakes and moving north, from Modesto to the Sacramento Convention Center, where there’s more room to spread out.
(Issue: January 2012)
This year’s Almond Conference Gala Dinner keynote speaker, Roy Firestone, was a hit with the 600-plus almond growers, handlers and allied industry members in the audience.
(Issue: January 2012)
Ned Ryan, a long-time California Almond grower and handler and active industry member, was honored for his lifetime of work in the California Almond industry at the 2011 Almond Conference.
(Issue: January 2012)
Nearly 2,000 growers, handlers and allied industry members squeezed into the Modesto Centre Plaza one last time for The Almond Conference before it moves to Sacramento Dec. 11–13, 2012.
(Issue: November 2011)
America’s most celebrated sports commentator, interviewer and award-winning broadcast journalist will take the stage to entertain members and friends of the California Almond industry at the 2011 Almond Conference Gala Dinner in December.
(Issue: October 2011)
Apply now for the 2012 Almond Leadership Program; You Know You’re an Almond Grower if…
(Issue: September 2011)
This year's Almond Conference theme, “Growing Advantage,” reflects the forecast for a nearly 2-billion-pound crop. What once was a distant dream about the growth of the almond crop is now a reality. We must continue to grow, sell and promote California Almonds in new and innovative ways.
(Issue: September 2011)
Presentations at the 2011 Almond Conference will once again highlight production and environmental research progress and results, offering an opportunity to peer into the range of studies that are being supported by the Almond Board of California (ABC).
(Issue: July 2011)
Attendee registration for The Almond Conference begins Monday, Aug. 1. Simply visit to register for this exciting event, scheduled for Dec. 6–8 at the Modesto Centre Plaza.
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