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Environmental Stewardship
Sustainability Advocates

Almond Sustainability Modules

In 2009 the Almond Board of California’s Environmental Committee invested in a “self-assessment” program for documenting the practices used by California Almond growers that are sustainable, economical, environmentally friendly, and present almond growers as good neighbors.

By participating in this process, growers and handlers will be equipped to respond to the increasing focus of major almond buyers and regulators on the issue of sustainability. In doing so, the Almond Board of California will be able to communicate sustainable almond farming in terms of practices that make practical and economic sense for our crop, geography, and community. Additionally, the results can guide education and outreach in the Almond community when the program identifies opportunities for additional improvement.

There are currently five Almond Sustainability Modules in place (and an intro):

1. Sustainability Intro
2. Irrigation Management
3. Nutrient Management
4. Energy Efficiency
5. Air Quality
6. Pest Management

These modules ask growers questions concerning their current practices as compared to a set of “best practices” identified by a committee of almond growers and other experts. All individual grower comments and responses are confidential. 

To learn about upcoming workshops call or email Kendall Barton at 209.343.3245 or

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