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Looking to stay up on all the latest (and greatest) almond news? View these recent editions of our California Almonds Newsletter to get up to speed on program updates, industry news, emerging research studies, and more.

September 2011
In this issue: Research Dollars at Work, Funds for Air, Water Quality Improvement, Harvest Records Broken, Global Marketing Committee Initiated, Online Ads Target Consumers, Documenting Water Use, and More.

August 2011
In this issue: Stockpiling Guidelines, Food Network Host Partner, The Growth Advantage, Sustainably Speaking, Almonds a Hit at IFT, Leadership Program Success, Food Quality and Safety Symposium and More.

July 2011
In this issue: Research Focuses on Environment, Community and Profitability, Conference Registration, Groundwater Regulations, Maximum Residue Level Workshop, Sustainable and Organic, Stockpiling Guidelines and More.

June 2011
In this issue: Orchard Worker Training, Managing the Orchard Floor, Research on PM-10 Dust, Almond Nutrition in Heart Health, Telling the Almond Sustainability Story, Regulatory Hurdles Surround Fumigation, and More.

May 2011
In this issue: Strategic Goals, Irrigated Lands Program Vote, Food Quality and Safety Symposium, Celiac Disease Awareness Month, Ag Policy and Legislative Briefing, Sustainability Workshop, and More.

April 2011
In this issue: Invitation to Food Safety, Advertising to North Americans, Gao Yuan Yuan Visits, 2010 Dietary Guidelines, Proposal to Cancel Profume Uses, New Pest Management Module, and More.

March 2011
In this issue: Research Now Online, Almonds' Economic Clout, Tech Tools, Awardwinning Messaging, Almond Sustainability, Spring and Summer Disease Management, and More.

February 2011
In this issue: UK Marketing Campaign, Going Solar, New Achievement Award, Reaching Out to Health Professionals, New Food Safety Regulations, ABC Honors Three Contibutors, and More.

January 2011
In this issue: Collective Voice for Growers, Food Industry Trends, Multi-generation Farming Families, Food Safety Legislation, Consumer Marketing Programs, Industry Development Participants Recognized, and More.

December 2010
In this issue: Advantage in Export Markets, Manage Sediment Runoff, Sustainability Trends, Almonds Impress Dietitians, India Imports, Sustainability Workshops, Pollination Best Management Practices, and More.

November 2010
In this issue: Conference Keynote Speakers, Gluten-Free Outreach, Almond Acreage Survey, Almonds and Type 2 Diabetes, Interactive Sustainability, Leadership and Energy, and More.

October 2010
In this issue: Nickels Soil Lab Benefits Industry, Something's Cooking, Revised CEU Course Now Online, Sustainably Speaking, Australian Honey Bee Importation, and More.
September 2010
In this issue: It's Conference Time, Sediment Runoff a Priority Issue, Insititute of Food Technologists 2010, Food Quality and Safety Symposium, Changing the Conversation About California Agriculture, and More.

August 2010
In this issue: Knowing the European Consumer, New Stockpile Management Guidlines, Food Safety from Orchard to Processor, Dust Control, New E-Learning Courses, and More.

July 2010
In this issue: Demand-Building in China, EU Healthy Choices Roundtable, 2010 Environmental Stewardship Tour, Interns Selected, Budgets and Programs, and More.

June 2010
In this issue: Sustainability Self-Assessment, Water and Nitrogen Management, New UC Davis Facility, Food Network's Ellie Krieger, New MRLs For Tree Nuts, and More.

May 2010
In this issue: Sustainability Self-Assessment, Newly Elected Board Members, Reduced VOC Emissions, Food Quality and Safety Program, Nutrition Media Outreach, and More.

April 2010

In this issue: Leadership Program, New Drought Research, The Breakfast Nut, Sustainably Speaking, Transition to
Renewable Energy, Pro Snacker Campaign, and More.

March 2010
In this issue: Managing Diseases in Late Spring and Summer, California Almond Sustainability Program, Food Safety Progress, New GAP Quick-Start Guide, Cap-and-Trade Proposal, and More.

February 2010
In this issue: Cap-and-Trade, Cost-Sharing Funds Available, New Health Professional Teaching Tools, State's Water Issues Get National Exposure, Foliar Diseases, and More.

January 2010
In this issue: ABC Sustainability, Greenhouse Gas Regulation, Revised EU MRL Standards, Heart Health Research, Drought Management, Colony Collapse Disorder, and More.

December 2009
In this issue: Winter Sanitation Guidelines, Ag Equipment Survey, American Dietetic Association Conference, EU Aflatoxin Standards, New Improved, Water Shortages Addressed, and More.

November 2009
In this issue: Conference Gala Dinner, Ag Motors in SJV Deadline, Almond Industry Conference, Endangered Species Act, Greenhouse Gas Legislation, Feds Address California Water Crisis, and More.

October 2009
In this issue: Almond Shipments Shatter Records, Almond Industry Conference, Farm Advisor Internship, EU Review Paper, New Fumigant Application Requirements, Pest Management Meeting, and More.

September 2009
In this issue: Growers Meeting on Pesticide VOCs, Food Safety: The Challenge of Salmonella Prevention and Control,  Leaders in Food Safety, Managing Post-Harvest Pests, Update on U.S. Food Safety Legislation, and More.

August 2009
In this issue: Irrigating For New Year's Crop, Dealing With Dust, Market Access Partnerships, Managing Stockpiles, Food Celebrity's Almond Tips and Recipes, and More.

July 2009
In this issue: Managing the Orchard Floor, Food Safety Symposiums, NRCS Air Quality Incentives, Budget Planning, Harvest Sampling and More.

June 2009
In this issue: NRCS Conservation Planning, Drought: Year 3, Fumigant Limitations, Upcoming Symposiums, New Pesticide Requirements, Food Safety Legislation, and More.

May 2009
In this issue: India and China, Coping With Drought, Food Safety Meetings, Applying For EQIP Funds, Lower Limb Dieback, Mexican Almond Market, New Almond Board Leaders, and More.

April 2009
In this issue: Shoot for 23!, Efficient Miticide Use, Japanese Almond Challenge, Benefits of Chewing, Processing Practices Under Scrutiny, Environmental Stewardship Tour, and More.

March 2009
In this issue: World Pastry Cup, Water Survival Strategies, Documentation, Almond Allergen Research, Enhancing Orchard Production, Peanut Recall, and More.

February 2009
In this issue: New Global Image, More With Less, Greenhouse Gas Scoping Plan, NOW-Aflatoxin Research, Third-Generation Variety Trials, ABC- LAHIDAN Partnership, and More.

January 2009
In this issue: Sustainability, World Congress of Food Science and Technology, Consumer Research in India, Almond Industry Conferenc Hot Topics, Almonds and Chocolate, and More. 

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