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Almond Industry Video

California Almond Supply: Ensuring Its Future
Speakers: Richard Waycott (ABC), Bill Harp (ABC Chairman), Jerry Hagstrom (Hagstrom Report), Charlie Arnot (Center of Food Integrity)

Designing and Developing a New Almond Orchard
Speakers: Roger Duncan (UCCE-Stanislaus County), David Doll (USSE-Merced County), Ken Shackel (UC Davis)

What’s New in Nitrogen Management
Speakers: Joe Karkoski (Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board), Patrick Brown (UC Davis)

Research Updates – Day 1

Trade Development Challenges in Europe and Asia-Pacific
Speakers: Vincent Rieckmann (August Topfer & Co.), Sudarshan Mazumdar (ABC), Daniel Chan (PR Consultants)

Growers Breakfast: Proactive Currents – Taking Charge to Defuse Surging Power Costs
Speakers: Jayson Moser (JKB Energy)

California Almond Demand: Looking to the Future
Speakers: Lu Ann Williams (Innova Market Insights)

Pest Management Update: Insect, Disease, Weed and Vertebrate Pests
Speakers:  Joel Siegel (USDA-ARS), Brad Hanson (UC Davis), Jim Adaskaveg (UC Riverside), Roger Baldwin (UC IPM)

Spray Coverage: The Missing Link in IPM

Economic Update

Honey Bee Colony Assessment

Pollination: Prep, Partnership and Policy

Water Update: Regulatory and Hydrologic Impacts on California Almonds
Speakers: Melissa Poole and Kimberly Brown (Paramount Farming Company)

Research Updates – Day 2

Study Provides New Way to Measure Calories Using Whole Almonds
Speakers: Karen Lapsley (ABC), Bill Layden (FoodMinds, LLC)

Social Media Update: Don’t Just Update Your Status, Share Your Story
Speakers: Christopher Barger (Voce, a Porter Novelli Company)

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